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Gigi Galiano_Copyright2020_11
Cleveland Botanical Garden Detail by Gig
Cleveland Botanical Garden Stairwell by
JosetteGaliano_Copyright 2022
Orchid Mania 2020 by Gigi
Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland Botanical Garden Detail 2 by G
Cleveland Botanical Garden by Gigi
Gigi Galiano_Copyright2020_01
JPMC Branch_Copyright_2022_JGaliano
JosetteGaliano_Copyright_2022 Detail
Gigi Galiano_Copyright2020_02 (1)
Gigi Galiano_Copyright2020_04
Gigi Galiano_Copyright2020_07
JosetteGaliano_Copyright 2022_ Backdrop
JosetteGaliano_Copyright 2022_Backdrop
Sunburst Tiger Lily by GiGi
Sunburst View by GiGi
Sunburst Orange by GiGi
Sunburst Series by GiGi
Sunburst All by GiGi
Boho Florals by GiGi
Boho Florals Detail by GiGi
Florette at the Madison by GiGi
Florette at the Madison by GiGi
Spring Light by GiGi
White Petals Spring by GiGi
White Spring by GiGi
White Petals by GiGi
Bridal Show Design, Downtown Cleveland,
Bridal Show Downtown Cleveland, Nuevo Mo
Headpiece Designed by GiGi
Chilled Mix by GiGi
Cotton Candy by GiGi
Bright Flower Mix by GiGi
Festive Mix by GiGi
White Cloud Pilates by GiGi
Pinwheels by GiGi
Residential Series Detail by Gigi
Residential Series by Gigi
Holiday Mantel by GiGi
Poinsettia Branch by GiGi
Mantel Design by GiGi
White Vision by GiGi
Petal Detail by GiGi
White Light by GiGi
Petal Form by GiGi
Playhouse Square by Gigi
Ohio Theatre by Gigi
Spring Branch by GiGi
Spring Blossoms by GiGi
Flowers by GiGi, Cake by Hungry Bee Caterers, Venue Sapphire Creek Winery
Spring Mix by GiGi
Magnolia by Gigi
Blooms by Gigi
Rose by Gigi
Dazzle by Gigi
Flower Wall by Gigi
Lily by Gigi
Charmed by Gigi
Rose by Gigi
Blossoms by Gigi
Flower by Gigi
Bloom by Gigi
Blooming Flowers by GiGi
Bright Flowers by GiGi
Flowers by GiGi
Coral Flowers by GiGi
Flower Installation by GiGi
Green Flowers by GiGi
Funky Flowers by GiGi
Layered Flowers by GiGi
White Cloud Pilates by GiGi
Blue Flowers by GiGi
Storefront Winter View by GiGi
Sparkling Ice by GiGi
Storefront Winter by GiGi
Snowflakes by GiGi
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